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August 30, 2009
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October 19, 2010
Credit: Steelheadwill/FlickrFleas are obnoxious and if you’ve seen your pet scratching a lot or, worse yet, are bitten yourself, you know how itchy and uncomfortable the...
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March 20, 2010
On March 17, EPA released the results of its assessment of chemical spot-on flea and tick treatments, following the recent sharp increase in reported pet poisonings. As I...
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December 15, 2009
Please note that while this table attempts to provide a reasonably comprehensive and accurate look at the insecticides most commonly found in pet flea control products, it does...
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October 22, 2009
No pet owner wants to see his cat or dog suffer from fleas, much less have fleas in the home. But in some cases the treatment can be worse than the illness, so it is with some...
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January 19, 2009
Flea and tick treatments may contain toxic chemicals that can poison pets and harm people. Even when applied as instructed on the box, these chemicals are not safe, either for...
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October 15, 2008
Your pet can't tolerate fleas and ticks, and neither can you, but the wrong cure can be worse than the problem. Flea and tick treatments may contain toxic chemicals that can...
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September 28, 2009
My exterminator comes in each month and sprays my apartment with propoxur. He insists that his chemicals will not harm me or my cat. Should I take him at his word? After reading...
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