The Seedling Project

Thousands of students across the US are following their passions, while contributing daily to help make their school community more environmentally conscious. I am one of those students and am inviting you to join the Seedling Project, which I conceived and NRDC's Smarter Cities project generously offered to host. With the Seedling Project, we aim to provide a virtual online "garden" of ideas, a place for planting, gathering, and sharing information about school food and garden programs from students and teachers across the country.

After months of actively campaigning, the Seedling Project has finally taken flight! Our Marlborough School edible, sustainable garden is to be constructed by our facilities staff and planted by students and alumnae in August, 2010. A variety of herbs and seasonal vegetables will provide our first crop to coordinate with the menus created by Cafe M, our school's cafeteria.

Tell us about your farm-to-school projects, cafeteria composting, local food, healthy lunch programs and more! We want to share your stories about how you're helping kids eat healthier, locally grown food and how garden, cooking and food projects are shaping your curriculum whether in biology, mathematics, health or other areas. The Seedling Project is designed to empower you with the knowledge and the tools to make responsible food choices. Most importantly, the Seedling Project is not only a place for you to share your ideas but also a place to inspire us all to take action!


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