I used Advantix on my 7 month old Poodle Puppy on Feb. 1st. because we had a flea problem in our house last summer that drove me around the bend and I thought I saw one on one of the cats. We have 3 cats and two (well, now only one dog). I was afraid Honey was having a bad reaction, she was acting weird, like trying to reach around and bite herself where I put the product (between her shoulder blades). I called the Bayer company and they assured me that the product is not systemic, that it doesn't get into the blood stream and therefore safe to put on my puppy. I washed her with soap and water to try to get it off but like they say, its waterproof! I spent the whole month of February taking my puppy to the vet. with all kinds of different problems...shaking, anorexia, very touchy around her neck and head. After 3 weeks and thousands of dollars in tests and medications she was ultimately diagnosed with a neurological problem which could not be verified without an MRI. Very expensive. Needless to say we could not incur that expense. Honey was on steroids for a week to control the spasms she was having and did not respond well to them. (What animal in such toxic condition would?) We had to put our sweet puppy to sleep after she started vomiting and had bloody diarrhea along with the so called neurological symptoms. Was it the Advantix that started all this? I don't know, and I bet no one would be able to pinpoint that either without doing a toxicology screening, which none of the vets. thought to do. The point is, poison is poison. If it kills insects, it can kill your dog or cat too. Its just a different level of toxicity.


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