This article states "Aseptic cartons are a BPA-free alternative for soups, as well as tomato puree and sauces." While they may be BPA free, aseptic are certainly not free of other endocrine disruptors that may be even more toxic than BPA. How about DMP, DEP, DiBP, DBP, and DEHP, some of which are known xenoestrogens. The majority of aseptic packaging is produced under the name TetraPak. This packaging uses a polyethylene liner in contact with the contents. Very recent studies of plain mineral water stored in a TetraPak showed significant leaching of toxins from the liner into the food. The analysis of data demonstrated that the estrogenic contamination of mineral water bottled in Tetra Pak is significantly higher compared to that of water bottled in glass. One can only imagine the results if acidic contents such as wine or tomato products were tested. See: Solutions to this problem, as part of a nature-based approach to a healthy lifestyle, can be found in "The Wellness Project." Roy Mankovitz, Director


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