I agree with this whole-heartedly. I have to say that I think part of our problem in how we became such a throw-away society is the fault of inventors/developers and manufacturers. We are forever being barraged with new technology that makes us think 'I have to have that' There is always something newer, better, faster; it does more things, clearer picture, holds more stuff. For instance a cell phone is no good to some people within a few months. Suddenly that cell phone that is only a year old and was the 'state of the art' is now obsolete or boring or just not good enough because there is a new one on the market. It's shiner or comes in fancy colours. Instead of that cell phone just making telephone calls, it also stores and plays music and it takes pictures, you can get on the internet with it. So at one time we were satisfied with having a cell phone to call a friend, now we are only satisified if it can do everything, a computer, camera, tv, radio and phone can do all rolled into one. I for one don't care. My cell phone gets used when I am away from home and I need to contact someone to let them know I'm on my way. This to me has bred a lazy society. We can no longer sit down and write a letter by hand, look a person in the eye while having a conversation with them face to face because our head is bent while staring at a screen while texting. A sit down dinner made from what we have in the cupboard is a lifestyle of the past. Now it's all about hurry up, pop it in the microwave, no time to talk cause I have to get that new computer monitor that's on sale! I am a 35 mother of 3 and I am so disgusted with our youth because they are the generation that the products and advertising of those products are geared to. They no longer go outside to play a game of baseball or skate at the park. It's all about the latest video or video game, chatting on MSN or Facebook. I remember being outside from the time I got up until it was too dark. We had a blast! Hide 'n Seek, Tag, bike riding. I worry that it isn't going to get better. We are addicted to technology and how do stop the addiction if those manufacturers don't want to stop making money?


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