I always looked forward to my bag of hand-me-downs growing up, and we always had a huge garden, in the middle of the suburbs, with limitations on TV and focus on reading books and outdoor vacations with the family. I don't blame the media, I blame the parents. Complain that kids don't go out and play outside yet still buying your kids video games? Duh. Don't buy video games. Set rules. Know your kids' friends' parents - they can be your allies. Schedule outdoor time. Don't expect kids to decide on their own especially if their friends are focused on materialism and technology - you don't HAVE to buy them whatever they want and not spending thousands on crap for them at the holidays doesn't make you a bad parent. In fact, it's the opposite. Parents need to take a hell of a lot more accountability instead of whining about how the world is - most of us who have kids right now grew up in the 80's and saw the world changing into a more 'me', 'instant gratification' world, yet so many are focused on being their kids' 'friend' rather than their Parents, and are living the bad habits they are passing on to their kids. Everything is a choice - we are not helpless.


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