The biggest pollutant in our house (fairly new, well insulated) is the amount of paper waste from junk mail & solicitations and from wasteful packaging--just tons of shrink-wrap and bags or boxes-inside-boxes, unsolicited stick-on labels that can't be shredded, unrecycleable bottles, undegradable food containers, etc., etc. Our recycling center is "conveniently" located where it takes a gallon of gas to drive to and the city recycling never comes because nobody on our block ever puts anything out for that huge truck which comes separately from the garbage truck and sometimes doesn't come at all because no one ever puts anything out, vicious cycle. Why don't we get after these public nuisances, especially the cheap mail which seems like an invasion of privacy in addition to pollution! These problems are getting worse and nobody seems responsible. It's self-evident that you need to stay warm or cool as cheaply as possible, but not so evident that "freedom of advertising" is polluting our lives as well as our environment.


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