Good fresh seasonal food is not impossible to find in the winter. In December, the only crop supposedly coming into season, in Oregon, was potatoes. But there were crops from Washington and northern California, and other crops that were winding down. Through mindful shopping, planning ahead and a little creative thinking, we managed to have variety on our table. Recipes like Winter Gardener's Galette; Brown Sugar Baked Pears; Cranberry Pear Sauce; Scalloped Yams, Apples and Walnuts with maple glaze; Pear Clafoutti; Fettucini with Leeks, Shitake Mushrooms and Ricotta cheese, Bean and Winter Vegetable Minestrone; Kombucha Squash & Leek Risotto, to name a few, added richness and flavor to our table. I'm glad that I made the change to homegrown seasonal food and don't see why fresh seasonal meals can't be available to our school children and everyone else. Eat seasonal ~ Buy local ~ Be sustainable.


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