Great advise! I haven't red the other "simple step yet, but I will. Changing habits can be difficult, especially in places were driving is the norm and public transportation is of low quality. One thing to add is to get support from others. Riding the bike or bus to work is more fun then going alone, and if it become a social thing the change may be easier. One objection I often come across when talking about the commute is "but the public transportation is so slow and noisy and not safe, and I cant cycle as there are no safe roads". Well, urge the politicians to do something about that then. Make a petition, be active, make your voice heard... If the politician don't get to hear about the need for commute options, he/she can't do anything about it... I like the add up part of the article. Seeing the numbers work both as a "scare" and as motivation, that is a lot of CO2. May I suggest some kind of visualisation, to make it even more clear? The formula for calculating CO2 seems fine, if a bit... difficult... By using a CO2 calculator, like Commute Greener! the calculation get easier. It is an Iphone application aimed at changing commuting habits by instantly showing how much a journey emit, and compare to the normal commute pattern (ie for example; your normal pattern is driving to work, and you start to take the bus instead). Then you instantly see the gains in saved CO2 compared to the normal travel pattern. Check it out at / Fredrik


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