Which Bottled Water is Safer?

I normally drink bottled water by Nestle Purified, Fiji, and Zephryhills Spring Water because of the taste. How do I find information about which bottled water has less chemicals and is "safer" for me to drink?

Gina Solomn responds:

NRDC did a study of about 100 brands of bottled water a number of years ago. The bottom line was that although we didn't find any brands that would be dangerous, we did find that the stuff in the bottles was pretty much the same (chemically-speaking) as what comes out of the tap. So the main reason to drink bottled water is if your tap water tastes unpleasant and you can't find a filter that will remove the taste.

Of course, there are people whose tap water is not safe, so that's why it's very important to read the water quality report that comes each year with your water bill. I'm a fan of tap water (usually with a filter to remove common impurities and improve the taste). That's because there's a huge amount of petroleum used to make plastic water bottles and to transport that bottled water around the world (literally, in the case of the Fiji water!).

So one simple step we all can take to reduce our impact on the environment is to drink our own 'local' water. Read here to learn whether you need a water filter and how to pick out the best one for your home if you do.


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