Green your business.


Business and the environment are closely linked. Although some businesses have a more obvious impact on the environment than others, all of them have some effect, through the products they manufacture or purchase, the energy and water they use, the transportation associated with employee commutes, and many other factors. Similarly, the health of a business is often contingent upon a healthy environment and the availability of abundant natural resources. No business can operate for long without clean water, clean air and a chemically stable atmosphere. By improving the environmental performance of your business, you help to ensure a clean and healthy environment for future generations as well as a strong and efficient economy. Green your business with NRDC's Greening Advisor, which provides a list of opportunities for cost-conscious environmental improvement ranging from air quality to water use.

As a start, businesses should reconsider their sourcing and use of paper. Environmentally preferable paper products can often be purchased at little or no extra cost. In addition, paper use often can be decreased by taking a few simple steps, such as double-siding copies and reducing the number of printers in use. These measures can cut your company‚Äôs overall paper budget. Use the Greening Advisor to implement a smart paper-purchasing and reduced-use program in your office.

Once you've tackled paper, return to NRDC's greening advisor for additional ways to make your business more environment-friendly. You'll find advice on many aspects of your business's purchasing needs and day-to-day operations, including construction and renovation projects, energy use, transportation, waste management, air and water quality and water use.