Protect your family. Dispose of toxic cleaners responsibly.


Cleaning products are the second most common cause of household poisonings, resulting in 7.5 percent of all incidents involving children under age 5, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers. (Cosmetics and personal-care products are the most common cause, responsible for 10.7 percent of poisonings.)

Some of the chemicals in cleaners have the potential to cause long-term reproductive harm such as decreased fertility, changes in the onset of puberty, miscarriage, premature birth, and cancers of reproductive organs. And because they are washed down drains during use and disposal, they pose additional harm to aquatic life.

Many alternative household products that don’t contain hazardous ingredients ar on the market today. By switching to these cleaning products, you can make your home safer and reduce the risk of accidental poisonings, long-term health effects, and harm to wildlife. 

Use this link to find cleaning products and paints that are safer and better for the environment. Or make your own cleaners out of inexpensive materials. Click here to learn how.

When ridding your home of toxic chemicals, check with your community’s sanitation department or to find out where in your town you can recycle or safely dispose of toxic cleaners.