Save the CO2-absorbing forests. Stop junk mail.


The average adult receives 41 pounds of junk mail each year, according to, a Web service that will stop unwanted catalogs and junk mail from being sent to you. Assuming that one tree makes about 170 pounds of paper, and that recycled content makes up only a small portion of the mail, 50 million or so trees are felled to keep Americans buried by mountains of unwanted mail. A single tree absorbs about a ton of CO2 over its lifetime, which means that roughly 50 million tons of the heat-trapping pollutant is being released annually into the atmosphere to make America’s junk mail, almost half of which gets dumped unopened.

Take a morning, or even part of a morning, to just say no: no to junk mail, no to wasting trees, no to global warming. The aforementioned and a number of other Web services can help you reduce your mail by getting your name removed from mailing lists you don’t want to be on. Even the Direct Mail Association recognizes that there is a problem and wants to help you. It’s easy, so start today by signing up with one or all of these excellent services:,, and/or charges $41 for five years of service; welcomes donations; and, which can also help you control the flow of commercial email, is free.