Stock up on produce and fresh foods at a farmers' market near you.


Today there are nearly 4,800 farmers' markets operating throughout the nation. These markets, 3,300 of which accept vouchers from the WIC Farmers' Market Nutrition Program, are an excellent source of locally grown, farm-fresh produce and a great way for communities to support their regional growers.

There are two great online resources to help you locate farmers’ markets as well as groceries and eateries offering locally sourced foods of all kinds—eggs, dairy, chicken, meat, breads and a full array of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Both LocalHarvest and the Eat Well Guide provide quick and easy-to-use search engines that allow you to tailor your hunt, whether you are looking for a farmers’ market or a pick-your-own farm.

Prices at farmers’ markets vary, but generally they are comparable to those you will see at a good supermarket. You’ll save in the end, however, by preparing your meals from scratch, using fresh ingredients that are not heavily processed, packaged and shipped long distances.