TopTen USA's Most Energy Efficient Small TVs

On average, TVs consume about 4% of a household’s electricity use. This doesn’t sound like much, until you consider there are about 275 million TVs currently in use in the U.S. Together, our TVs consume over 50 billion kWh of energy each year, enough electricity to power all the homes in the state of New York for an entire year.

TV manufacturers have made huge strides in creating energy efficient sets in recent years. Still, for many buyers it’s challenging to find the most efficient models available. To help you make the best choice for your electricity budget, TopTen USA took an in-depth look at the market for TVs.  Below are the most energy efficient small TVs (15 to 32 inches across).

TopTen uses comprehensive information from Energy Star, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the California Energy Commission and several professional and manufacturing trade publications to evaluate and determine the best TVs in the U.S. market.  Read more about TopTen's evaluation methods and calculations

Compare the small models with the top ten most energy efficient medium or large TVs.